Ashleigh Aston & Bracie Aston & Lila di Florio

We founded Youth For Health on the belief that today's youth, when united by hope for a better future, can charge forth to improve lives through healthcare. Our mission is to build a youth movement that amplifies initiatives addressing pressing Covid-19. Youth For Health creates a safe and inclusive space for everyone all around the world to share their stories, as well as raise awareness and funding.

With love,

the Youth For Health team



Hello my name is Ashleigh Aston. I am a student at The Spence School located in Manhattan, New York and a member of the graduating class of 2023. I am proud to be a founding member of our recently launched organization, Youth For Health. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I felt frustrated while in quarantine, as I was unable to contribute to the efforts by health care professionals and others on the front lines of this crises. After weeks of watching the heroic and indefatigable deeds of others in the news, I was inspired to find a way to offer my own support. While I was originally motivated to offer my assistance strictly to those suffering from the Covid-19 virus, following this pandemic I intend to extend my assistance to those effected by a larger array of physical and mental illnesses as well as those in the healthcare field. One of the goals of Youth For Health is to allow for a diverse community to come together to share stories, ideas and even struggles. In doing so, it will allow for the exchange of a wide variety of perspectives and viewpoints. This in turn will create greater understanding and with that, empathy as well. I am very excited to be a founding member of an organization that will serve to help others in a variety of capacities, whether in times of a national crises or in times of personal need.


My name is Bracie Potter Aston and I am a co - founder of the Youth For Health Organization. I currently attend the Spence School in Manhattan, New York, and I am in the graduating class of 2023. The impact of the Coronavirus global pandemic inspired me to help others around me. As New York has been an epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, and because my father works in the medical profession, the experience of being so exposed to the immediate effects and consequences of the virus is what originally inspired me to take action. As I watched the courageous efforts of those on the front lines fighting the virus, as well as the patients who struggled with symptoms, I was inspired to take action. I recognize that many people are unable to receive the healthcare they need, and I am eager to be able to provide help. I believe that joining together the youth of diverse communities is extremely important so that we may unify and aid one another. It is important to share a variety of opinions and viewpoints so that we may create a space filled with both positivity and compassion. The youth of today is the future of tomorrow, and it is important that we work together to create a better, more loving world. Health is a central part of everyone's lives, and I hope that by founding this organization, we can come to the assistance of those in need. I am extremely grateful for everyone who has helped Youth For Health launch, as well as everybody who continues to support our charity.


My name is Lila di Florio, a current Senior at Spence. I co-founded the charity "Youth For Health" because I was inspired during the Covid-19 pandemic to find ways in which we, as youth, can uplift the front line health care workers helping us all during times of monumental hardship as well as the patients who are the most vulnerable in our community. I believe that gathering our friends to rally around a central cause, Youth For Health - whether it be fundraising, sharing stories, or taking steps to stop the spread of the deadly virus - combines our efforts to make an even bigger difference. This initiative correlates with my passion for science, medicine and dedication to community service. I want to thank my family, including my brother, my friends and my Spence community for donating to the causes that mean so much to me and which helped launch Youth For Health.

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