We are an organization dedicated to bringing together our youth in an effort to aid the awareness and funding of those who are impacted by COVID-19


Bracie Aston , Ashleigh Aston , Lila di Florio

Youth for Health was founded to serve as an organization dedicated to raising funding and awareness on behalf of anyone affected or afflicted by an issue caused by COVID-19. Youth for Health will serve as a conduit to aid those in need by providing a variety of resources, both informational as well as financial for those on the frontlines as well as the patient population. This assistance will also address both research and treatment needs for physical and mental health illnesses. We believe in the importance of uniting as a community during hardships, both within our own immediate locales, across the Nation and around the World. We intend to raise funds to assist in combating and abating current and future health crises. Our platform will provide a safe space to share their stories to raise understanding and awareness. We hope that Youth for Health will unite our youth communities to share a common mission for a common good.



You can show your support for Youth for Health by purchasing our YFH merchandise or donating to our cause. 

Currently, the profits from donations that we receive will go to Project Hope, a charity which funnels all donations straight into aiding the Coronavirus pandemic relief efforts. Please click here to shop or click here to learn more about our funding!


Our goal is for Youth for Health to branch out throughout a variety of different communities. Originating from Spence students, we hope to create affiliate clubs at different schools. We would love for you be a part of our organization and join our efforts in supporting those affected by COVID-19. If you would like to create an affiliate club at your school, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to aid your efforts in every way possible. 


It is incredibly important to support one another during difficult times. We welcome everyone to share their own personal story on our website. Your story will help create better understanding, empathy, and inspiration for others. In doing so, we will create a greater more united community.


Stay updated on current Youth for Health news including: major events, important discoveries, healthcare movements & politics, awareness & more. Stay updated on our blog page: Current Events.


Order products and merchandise, donate to help fund our efforts and raise awareness, start a student club at your school, or share your story.

We are dedicated to helping those in need. 


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